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PET TAO Chill Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

PET TAO Chill Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food
Company info
Company HQ
Franklin, Tennessee
Parent company
PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products
Product info
Age Range: Adult
Price per oz $2.09
Cost per day: $1.11
Primary proteins
  • Duck
  • Turkey
  • Turkey Heart
  • Turkey Liver


Duck, Turkey, Pea, Barley, Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver, Flax, Green Beans, Honey, Iodized Salt, Pumpkin Seeds, Spinach, Mixed Tocopherols.

Breed sizes

size-1 Toy
size-2 Small
size-3 Medium
size-4 Large
size-5 Giant

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Overall Score



? This rating is determined by comparing the food’s nutritional content to AAFCO standards and other foods in our database. Nutrient Value 35%
? Each recipe is evaluated based on a 5-point ingredient rating system that measures ingredients’ nutritional value, safety, and more. Quality of Ingredients 75%
? We scan the FDA’s database and rate each brand by the number of recalls in its history. Brands with fewer recalls receive higher ratings. Recall History 100%
? By comparing the prices of foods in our database, we determine if a food is above or below market average price. Lower-priced foods receive higher ratings. Price 40%
? This metric is based on customer ratings from various retailers. Customer Experience 50%
? Our rating system evaluates each food’s manufacturing method, assigning higher ratings to manufacturing processes that promote higher nutritional value. Manufacturing Method 30%

Estimated Nutrient Content

To understand the nutrient content of pet food, we visualize its macronutrient composition in three ways. In the charts below, you’ll see a guaranteed analysis on an as-fed basis, a dry matter analysis, and a breakdown of the food’s macronutrients on a calorie-weighted basis.

Remember that all of these values are estimates based on the guaranteed analysis published by the company, and the food’s actual nutrient values may be slightly different.

Guaranteed Analysis


Protein: 30%

Fat: 20%

Fiber: 8%

Moisture: 7%

Ash: 0%

Carb: 35%

Dry Matter Analysis


Protein: 32.26%

Fat: 21.51%

Fiber: 8.6%

Carb: 37.63%

Calorie Weighted Basis


Protein: 26.42%

Fat: 42.77%

Carb: 30.82%

Our Review

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Free of potentially-harmful ingredients and additives
  • Low protein content
  • High in carbohydrates
  • Low in moisture
  • Contains plant-based proteins

Recall History

The following list (if present) shows all dog food recalls related to PET TAO since 2009. If no recalls are listed, no recall events have been reported.

Since 2009 PET TAO has never been recalled.

Ingredient Review

Our review of PET TAO Chill Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food begins with a detailed look at the food’s ingredients.

The first ingredient is Duck. Duck is meat from any member of the Anatidae waterfowl. In pet food, duck can serve as a primary protein source as well as a source of animal fat, minerals, and amino acids. It is sometimes used as a novel protein, and is often an ingredient in diets formulated specifically for pets with allergies.

The second ingredient is Turkey. Turkey is an easily digested meat that’s relatively low in fat. In pet food, turkey might be the primary protein source or it may be part of a blend made with different proteins.

The third ingredient is Pea. Pea is a general term to describe whole, split, or milled peas, which are a grain-free, gluten-free source of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. In pet food, pea products serve as an energy source as well as a supplementary source of vitamins and minerals.

The fourth ingredient is Barley. Barley is a cereal grain. In pet food, barley serves as a source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

The fifth ingredient is Turkey Heart. Turkey heart is meat from the muscles that form a turkey’s heart. In pet food, turkey heart can be a good source of protein, iron, and other important nutrients.

After the fifth ingredient, the list includes all remaining ingredients. It’s worth noting that ingredients (other than nutritional supplements) located this far down on the list aren’t likely to have an impact on the overall rating of this PET TAO Chill Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food.

Price Analysis

Product info Market Price Avg. % From the Avg
Price per oz $2.09 $2.36 -11%
Price per 100 kcal $1.84 $1.59 16%
Price per day $1.11 $0.96 15%

Nutritional Analysis

We’ve compared PET TAO Chill Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food to the other 202 fresh frozen dog food recipes in our database:

Product info All Products avg. % From the Avg
DM Protein 32.26% 44.59% -28%
DM Fat 21.51% 27.57% -22%
DM Fiber 8.6% 4.64% 85%
DM Carb 37.63% 22.85% 65%
Caloric Content 4001 kcal/kg 4078 kcal/kg -2%

Your adult dog needs a balance of macro and micronutrients to thrive. A food formulated for adult maintenance or all life stages is made to meet these needs. While there can be a lot of variation in actual calorie density, adult dog foods are generally intended to provide for basic calorie needs of the average active dog. In addition to satisfying their energy needs, these foods provide the protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and other nutrients your adult dog needs to survive. Again, not all adult foods are the same, so you may have to search around for the right fit for your dog.

Analysis Overview

PET TAO Chill Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food is priced within the average market price for fresh frozen dog food.

When we analyzed the ingredients in PET TAO Chill Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food, we found that most of the protein is derived from animal based sources.

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