About Us

If you’re passionate about putting the right food in your pet’s bowl, PetFoodSherpa is here to help.

There’s a lot to learn about pet nutrition. Between decoding the label, evaluating the ingredient list, breaking down the foods’ nutrient profile, and learning more about the brand’s history, analyzing a single pet food can take hours or even days.

That’s where PetFoodSherpa can help.

Driven by extensive research and expert guidance, our pet food ranking system rates products on five key metrics: ingredient quality, recall history, price, customer experience, and product variety. View a product’s overall score for a snapshot of its quality or read the full review for more details. Each review in PetFoodSherpa’s pet food database delivers a quick dose of key nutritional insights about ingredient quality, allergens, protein content, and more. You’ll also get vital facts like recall history, package sizes, and prices from across the web.

To help you stay aware and keep your pets safe, we’ve also created a recall history database. Use this tool to access a list of pet food recalls sorted by brand or date. With this tool, you’ll never have to miss a recall and can feel more secure about the safety of your pet’s food.

From navigating the market to keeping you in the loop on the latest recalls, PetFoodSherpa is your guide to making smarter, safer, and more loving choices for your pet.