Puppy Weight Calculator

Track Your Dog's Growth Over Time!

Welcome to our puppy growth weight estimate calculator! This calculator estimates if your puppy is on track at a healthy weight as he or she grows from week to week, as well as estimating what you can expect your pup’s adult weight will be at full growth.

The dog size calculator works as a puppy size predictor and will tell how big a puppy will get.

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Factors that Influence Puppy Size

Here are some factors that influence the size your dog will be:

  • Gender: Male dogs tend to be bigger than females
  • Neutering/Spaying: Early neutering cancels out chemicals that tell bones to stop growing. This means early neuters have a tendency for long bones and are maybe taller.
  • Breed: There’s no such thing as a miniature Great Dane or a giant Chihuahua. Certain breeds tend to grow to a certain size, and don’t be surprised when a St. Bernard turns out to be large.
  • Parents: If you have the advantage of meeting your pup's parents, you can get a pretty good idea of how big your puppy may be based on their size.

Weight Estimator By Breed Size

As we mentioned above, a pup’s growth rate can vary by breed and other factors. Meaning there are different formulas to predict their adult weight by the general breed size. Dog breeds are generally broken into five categories by size, but keep in mind there is some overlap with dogs on the lower and higher end of each category.

  • Toy (up to 12 pounds)
  • Small (12-25 pounds)
  • Medium (25-50 pounds)
  • Large (50-100 pounds)
  • Giant (over 100 pounds)

This dog size chart will help process the details of your puppy to its adult weight. This means your calculated results will be displayed as ideal weight, since there are many factors that can influence your dog's growth and full size.

If You Don’t Know The Breed

It can be more difficult to determine how big a puppy will be if you have a mixed breed or you don’t know the breed of your dog. If this is the case you can always consider doing a dog DNA test to determine his breed makeup which can take a couple of weeks to get results.

Bringing home a new puppy can be fun and exciting but knowing how big that pup will become can be confusing. Using the calculator will help with that answer as well as knowing the breed, gender, time of spay or neuter and a little information about the parents.