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Artemis Cat Food Review

? This rating is determined by comparing the food’s nutritional content to AAFCO standards and other foods in our database. Nutrient Value 66%
? Each recipe is evaluated based on a 5-point ingredient rating system that measures ingredients’ nutritional value, safety, and more. Quality of Ingredients 68%
? We scan the FDA’s database and rate each brand by the number of recalls in its history. Brands with fewer recalls receive higher ratings. Recall History 100%
? By comparing the prices of foods in our database, we determine if a food is above or below market average price. Lower-priced foods receive higher ratings. Price 85%
? This metric is based on customer ratings from various retailers. Customer Experience 61%
? Our rating system evaluates each food’s manufacturing method, assigning higher ratings to manufacturing processes that promote higher nutritional value. Manufacturing Method 50%

Type of food

Cat Wet Food, Dog Wet Food

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  • High protein content
  • No recalls that we could find
  • Foods are nutritionally complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards
  • All animal protein comes from animal sourced ingredients


  • Price is above market average

How Much Does Artemis Cat food Cost

We’ve compared Artemis cat food to the other 197 cat food brands in our database.

Brand Price Market Price Avg +- From the Avg
Cat Wet Food $0.43/oz $0.41/oz +$0.02/oz
Artemis cat food is priced within the average market price for cat food.

Artemis Nutrient Profile comparison

We’ve compared Artemis cat food to the other 197 cat food brands in our database.

Cat Wet Food

Brand Avg Market Avg +- From the Avg
Protein 80.00% 52.33% +27.67%
Fat 10.00% 18.03% -8.03%
Fiber 6.67% 6.47% +0.20%
All of Artemis cat food recipes meets AAFCO's minimum requirements.

Recall History

The following list (if present) shows all cat food recalls related to Artemis since 2009. If no recalls are listed, no recall events have been reported.

Since 2009 Artemis has never been recalled.

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Who owns Artemis cat food?

Artemis is owned by .

Where is Artemis cat food made?

Artemis is manufactured in .

Is Artemis AAFCO approved?

Not, all of Artemis recipes are AAFCO approved, the following recipes are not AAFCO approved.

Has Artemis cat food been recalled?

No Artemis has never been recalled.

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